Welcome. I’m a researcher and consultant based in Nairobi. I’m a director at IDinsight, furthering my research on dignity and development.

I work to advance justice and support citizens through useful research.

Tom speaking at parliament.

Speaking to the UK Parliament International Development Committee on dignity in November 2021.

I care about feminism, behavioural science and psychology; governance and institutions; conflict; the role of stories; dignity and development. I believe research is most useful when it grapples with questions of power.

Before IDinsight, I founded The Dignity Project, a campaign for more respectful development. I’ve also led the Violence Against Children department at Raising Voices in Uganda. Before that, I spent two years with the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. Previously, I worked in London on a number of research projects on social development, conflict, policy and behavioural science. I’ve led many social science research projects across East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

I have a Master’s degree in Communication for Development from Malmö University in Sweden, and an undergraduate degree in War Studies from King’s College, London. My CV is here.

You can read some of my public writing here, learn about recent speaking engagements here, and you can contact me here.