The Dignity Project

I founded The Dignity Project, a campaign for more respectful development, and have since joined IDinsight to continue and expand that research, leading their Dignity Initiative. Visit our page for more.
Research has shown that dignity is something citizens across the Global South value and are frequently denied, and that innovation, learning and improvement are needed for the social sector to fully respect their dignity. We regard these ideas as integral to the right kind of development and social impact practice. Evidence suggests that respectful interactions produce greater wellbeing and self-efficacy, improved health, better functioning democratic spheres, greater cooperation, and increased service uptake and satisfaction.
We aim to create a world in which the global development sector routinely acts respectfully towards those whom development seeks to serve. We’ll be reviewing our own practices, and sharing the latest research. But we know true impact comes through partnerships with our clients. We want to support you to incorporate respect for dignity into every part of your work.