The Dignity Project

I lead The Dignity Project, a campaign for more respectful development. Read our one-page summary and visit for more.
Development is frequently disrespectful. We all want to do better. But right now we don’t have the tools to make sure we deliver on promises of dignity. The Dignity Project creates open access, ready-translated tools to help people measure: is their program respectful?
There is public support for more respectful development. In my recent Mturk experiment, people upped their promised donations by 60%, when offered the chance to give to a charity that simply addressed its beneficiaries by name (p=0.02). Winnie Byanyima, the UN Secretary General, Esther Duflo & Abhijit Banerjee have all argued that we need to dignity to the fore in development.

How you can help

There’s a lot further to go. If you care about this topic too:
  • Use: review the draft measures I’ve already suggested, and give feedback. Above all, try them out in upcoming projects.
  • Talk: Mention The Dignity Project to your colleagues, or on Twitter. If you’re interested in knowing more, please get in touch.
  • Fund: I consult for various organisations on integrating a dignity perspective into their work. If that’s something your team might benefit from, let’s talk!