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Books and book chapters

Cover of the Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Dignity.Wein, T., Ghai, S., Lamberton, C., & Saldanha, N. (2023). The Psychology of Consumer Dignity. In C. Lamberton, D. Rucker, & S. Spiller (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Psychology (Cambridge Handbooks in Psychology, pp. 387-415). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781009243957.017

Articles and reports

Wein, T., Lanthorn, H., & Fischer, T. (2023). First steps toward building respectful development: Three experiments on dignity in aid in Kenya and the United States. World Development Perspectives, 29, 100485. (Open access link).

Wein, T. & Mukanu, M. (January 2023). A framework for partnerships between research organizations and social movements. IDinsight.

Wein, T., Blair, M. & Mungomba, N. (December 2022). Dignity Report 2022: Gathering Allies Worldwide. IDinsight.

Wein, T. & Attendees of the Dignity Symposium. (November 2022). Dignity Research Agenda Consensus Statement. IDinsight.

Wein, T., Khatry, P., & Bhimani, R. (October 2022) A new five-item survey measure of Felt Respect for Dignity performs well in three countries and three contexts. IDinsight (working paper). DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/VG2AC

Wambua, J. & Wein, T. (August 2022). Cultures of dignity are possible: Lessons on how to build organizations that respect humans. IDinsight & Busara Center.

Wein, T., Bergemann, R. & Kahura, C. (August 2022). Dignity and Cash: GiveDirectly’s unconditional cash transfers in Kiryandongo refugee settlement. IDinsight.

Wein. T., Fischer, T. & Lanthorn, H. (August 2022). Dignity in practice: An attempt to define and operationalize a complex construct. IDinsight.

Wein, T. (January 2022). Dignity and development: a review of the literature on its application, definition and measurement. The Dignity Project. (working paper). DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/8AVWY

Wein, T. (July 2021). The Dignity Report: Three years of research on dignity and international development. The Dignity Project.

Tang, C., Owsley, N., & Wein, T. (2021) Generalizing with equity: the Busara research agenda on contextualisation and cross-cultural measurement in the Global South, Busara Blue Paper No.3.

Mumo, J., Owsley, N., & Wein, T. (2021) Participant voice first: the Busara research agenda on ethical research in the Global South, Busara Blue Paper No.4.

Mughogho, W., Owsley, N., & Wein, T. (2021) Replicable quality across every channel: the Busara research agenda on methods in the Global South, Busara Blue Paper No.5.

Wein, T. 2020, A research agenda for dignity in international development. The Dignity Project. (working paper). DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/C9PA7

Wein et al, 2020, Primed, but not engaged: the poor performance of self-efficacy primes in promoting civic engagement, in a laboratory experiment in Uganda (working paper).

Wein, T, 2011, The ‘narrative strategy’: A politicized strategy for leaving Afghanistan. Infinity Journal.

Other blogposts and short articles

The Philanthropic Community Must Lead on Advancing Dignity — And Here’s How. With Ruth Levine. Center for Effective Philanthropy. March 2023.

Dignity self-assessment tool. IDinsight. March 2023.

Three ways the humanitarian sector can make good on its commitment to dignity. IDinsight. February 2023.

Gathering Allies Worldwide: Dignity Initiative Reflections for 2022. With Mary Blair & Nakubyana Mungoma. IDinsight. December 2022.

Operationalizing dignity in humanitarian aid. With Christine Kahura, Rico Bergemann, Caroline Teti & Miriam Laker-Oketta. IDinsight. November 2022.

Defining and operationalizing dignity. With Heather Lanthorn & Torben Fischer. IDinsight. August 2022.

Value and validation: How feedback enhances the quality of research outputs. With Mathilde Schilling, Philippa Hammond, Joel Mumo & Cecile Juma. January 2022.

Prioritizing dignity in practice: Understanding research dignity from the participant perspective. With Robert Nyaga, Ann Wanjiku, Ruth Wambua, Cecile Juma & Joel Mumo. January 2022.

One size does not fit all. With Chang Tang. Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. November 2021.

Mapping out methods: Bringing structure to the study of behavior. Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. October 2021.

Speed up your qualitative analysis with Data Stripping Sheets. Evidence Aid. February 2019.

How to run experiments, when you can’t afford a randomized trial. Evidence Aid, Humanitarian Evidence Week. November 2018.

PSJP response: A step on the path to defining dignity. Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace. November 2018.

Bringing Behavioral Science to “Edutainment”. Behavioral Scientist. ‘Nudge Turns 10: A Special Issue on Behavioral Science in Public Policy’. September 2018.

Off the Record #1: The “stink bomb” effect in charitable giving: The real cost of failing to rebut. With Jeremy Shapiro. Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. September 2018.

The Dignity Project: Respectful Development – Supporting Concept Paper. Busara Center. Last Updated May 2018.

What does ‘Dignity’ add to our understanding of development? From Poverty to Power. February 2018.

The transmission and replication of security practices in development research: A case study of the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Master’s thesis). Malmö University. January 2018.

Do Peer-to-Peer Lenders Understand Risk? CGAP. March 2017. (And here in Chinese).

Three steps forward – a research agenda for behavioural change. InDecision Blog. February 2016.

Using Psychology to Comprehend War. August 2015.

Misbehaving at the LSE: Richard Thaler and Paul Dolan. June 2015.

Behavior Change Is Political Change. June 2015.

Behavioural Insights in International Development. ‘economics, psychology, policy’. June 2015.

Arts and other interests

Decline and Fall: a history of the Gifted Amateur in cricket. The Nightwatchman. September 2016.

Snapshots from the anti-political tendency. Personal essay. March 2014.

False Moustache Issue 1. March 2012. False Moustache Issue 2. October 2012 – a magazine I edited showcasing writing by young Londoners.

Other assorted arts reviews and musings on my tumblr. I track the books I read each year here, and the theatre I see each year here. I very occasionally write updates on my research at my blog, here.

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